Fertilizer Rust Stains on Concrete and Pavers
Fertilizer Rust Stains on Concrete

Fertilizer Rust Stains On Concrete

Fertilizer rust stains on concrete comprise some the most powerful and embedded tough rust stains to eliminate. These stains are caused by chemical fertilizer granules that are left on concrete surfaces.  Water causes the chemical pellets to basically soften on the concrete, and therefore the properties inside the chemical will cause deep rust stains on top of and inside of the concrete.

F9 concrete rust remover seamlessly uses a proprietary blend of products to address these concrete rust stains and the different orange rust stain challenges that we face.  F9 rust removal product– F9 BARC – is the most effective concrete rust remover and will not harm plants and grass.  Professional application by professional power washing companies is required for maximum results, due to the nature and depth of these types of stains.

The F9 concrete rust removal method is used at many exclusive golf resorts, stadiums, battery charging stations, retirement communities and commercial properties for removing battery acid rust stains.   Cities and municipalities have also used the various competent Authorized F9 Professional Applicators of the F9 system to eliminate many of their toughest rust stains.  F9 Professional Applicators use professional power washing equipment to clean your concrete in preparation for the concrete rust removal process.  This is very important step which helps to ensure maximum results and an even, uniform, beautiful finish on your concrete.

Using store bought acid concrete cleaners as a shot to eliminate these stains might cause further irreversible damage. What these rust removers generally do is cause what appears to be a white cloud around the stain from the oxalic acid.  The actual stain continues to be there whereas the concrete around it’s clean and therefore the surface paste of the concrete has been forever altered.

Attempting to remove these stains as a home improvement DIY project is very dangerous and may cause health risks as a result of the handling of an acid product.

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