I’m very happy with adding the F9 product line to my services! The added revenue, plus being able to handle jobs like these, are massive bonuses!

Matthew Vanderlee
TotalLEE Exterior Cleaning Inc
The F9 Cook Book is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will own.  Never have to ask a question again.  It really is so worth it.  Craig Harrison can get it to you.  We have them in all our PWing trucks.

Peter F Artusa
All County Window Cleaning
Your products are the best dude! Thanks for giving the market some killer firepower!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.

Craig Harrison has excellent customer service, man bravo.

I'm going to go purchase your book from Russ on Monday.

I'm highly impressed.

Chris Clark
Performance Powerwash
Craig Harrison I am very glad I found your products.  I appreciate your help and love the fact that your products make me look like I worked magic on this job ! I Look forward to trying all F9 product .

Steve Upton 
Just gotta give it up to Craig - he helps me make money! Three different jobs today at a church (BARC for window paint runoff), new construction house (Efflo for red clay), and a Burger King (Double Eagle for concrete). We definitely wouldn’t have the success or results without Craig’s products.

Jagger Williams
Waterly, Co. Power Washing
First I want to start off saying there are some awesome people in this industry and also some amazing products. Second, I am totally new to exterior cleaning.  I’ve only been in business a bit over 2 months.

Today I was trying to remove this one efflorescence stain. It was on there really thick.  Probably an 1/8th inch thick between the bricks in some places. I’m new to doing this and I admit I only had one bottle of F9 Efflo.  Wanted to see if it really worked before buying more. Anyways, I tried mixing it like 8:1. Didn’t budge. Dropped it to 5:1. Nothing still. Then I do 3:1. Maybe removed a little, wasn’t too sure. I’m down to 1/2 a liter left so I decide to go 1:1 but thinking it’s not going to work. I message Craig Harrison and send him pics and explain to him what I’m doing.  He immediately responds with a number and says to call him. I expected a response of go stronger or something like that on messenger. Not a phone number!  He broke the process all down to me and explained so much more. The end result, well you see the pics.

I firmly believe in F9 products now and I’m gonna be ordering a lot more.  Not just because it really works, but because of what Craig did to help a totally new guy out.

Dale Johnson 
Extreme Pro Wash
Hey Craig,

 Hope you doing well brother, I just wanted to give you a little feedback from a newer customer.  My wife Amy and I met up with you in person at the event earlier this year in Savannah at L and H,  We bought some of the F9 product and had previously bought a couple of gallons online. We already knew at that point that it works but now that I have the cook book and have been trying to master the approach I gotta say this stuff is unbelievably amazing.  I wish I had taken some before pictures of the 2 trailer wheels I just cleaned because I really didn't expect the results to be as strong as they were but I promise you they were nasty and I was considering getting rid of them because I don't want to represent our company with that image.  I can't believe how clean these wheels are right now, it literally just saved me about a $100 for the rims to be replaced. I know you know this stuff works but man I have to tell you it is extremely nice to buy a product and get stellar results.  I am hooked as many others are, thank you for the support you bring to this industry, it's amazing.


Used it the other day on some windows frames also, worked perfectly, saved my butt.

Enjoy the rest of your wknd bud.

Our first ever project On the Edge did with F9 products.  With Craig Harrison as our go to coach, his help and ongoing support, we were able to complete $63,500.00 of a total $97,000.00 project of cleaning and removing battery acid stains, fertilizer stains on these residential driveways and patios.

Without F9 products and Craig’s ongoing over the phone help, we would not have been able to complete this job.

We spent a little over of 120 hours working time between myself and my main tech.

Because of this project it also opened the doors up to clean all the exteriors of the houses in this community with ongoing work throughout 2019.

Thank you F9 team.

Richie Frisson 
On the Edge
We have almost every Olive Garden in the state of Colorado. We use groundskeeper every quarter. Every 3 months we clean with double eagle, followed by groundskeeper, and it keeps the concrete so clean that we pretty much wand the majority of the sidewalks. We surface clean the dumpster pad every month, the grease trap area every month, and a small patch of the concrete beyond the dumpster pad. Everything else gets wanded  because groundskeeper keeps it so clean for so long.

Troy Glandon
Signature Pressure Wash

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