Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids has been using F9 rust removal for the past 3 months and it has been working great. Our customers here in Grand Rapids and West Michigan love the fact that the hard water stains that are so prevelant in the area can now be removed quickly and safely by a F9 professional. Now when we SoftWash a house we can also remove all the rust stains and really leave the house looking great.

Dan Dykstra - Manager
Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids
F9 gives us a way to clean things we would never try to before. I never liked using Oxalic on asphalt roofs and wouldn't do it, now I can use F9 to get the results I and my customers want.

Zach Maynard
A to Z Roofing

I had my roof and house washed by Roof Cleaner and when Dan mentioned he could remove the rust stains from my driveway I was very skeptical because I have tried everything I could from the local big box store. The stains have been on the driveway for years, thanks to a not so good lawn company that did some fertilizing. After a little demonstration I was amazed at the outcome. No more stains in my driveway. Not only does my roof and house look great but my driveway is awesome.

Shirley P.
Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids
“I had bright orange rust spots and streaks on my sidewalks and driveway from fertilizer my lawn maintenance company applied but did not sweep away. They tried a couple of products to remove them but ended up making things worse. I found Clean and Solutions on the internet and called them. Doug was very thorough in explaining their process and even sent me before and after photos as they were removing the rust. My sidewalks and driveway look new again! I highly recommend Doug and Clean and Green Solutions!”
Thank you again!

Doug Rucker
Clean and Green Solutions
I did a driveway today and it turned out great!

Eric Seitz
Roof Cleaning by A&E
F9 melted rust off from a dripping AC vent. The property manager was really happy with the results!

Trae Roberts
Charleston Power Wash
I have been a contractor for 28 years and i have never seen a product that worked so easy. It was very simple we followed the factory instructions given by Craig Harrison, he makes this so simple to remove rust and other fertilizer stains. This is going to be a huge asset to my business and my customers in the future and I never realized the possibilities until now. Its a niche in the market that needs filled and I stand ready grow as F9 grows to become the best expert removal person in the business.

Ron Musgraves
Pro Power Wash
We use F9 BARC to remove HVAC vent rust stains on cementboard siding at a hotel. It worked great!


Jon Karmazyn
Revive Coatings, LLC

The BARC is AMAZING!  Your product may have saved my business insurance and therefore my business.  I really can't thank you enough.  If you would like to use me for testimonial purposes, I would be more than happy to do it.  Thanks again.  You're a life, company and pool saver!!!



Clay Noegel

Superior Spray Services

Clay Noegel
Superior Spray Services

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