I am very grateful for the excellent source of info, suggestions, & recommendations.  I appreciate Craig Harrison and all the other experts who offer invaluable info to help grow my business.  After studying the F9 cookbook, applying the knowledge, and running questions by you guys, I am feeling much more confident in my F9 product applications.  Thanks again.

Mark Raymond Pollard
We use Craig Harrison F9 Barc Rust Remover which my guys love. I wanted to get Craigs Cook book which I now have to study up on all his chems because I continously read great things about them from other contractors on the net. Craig is also a PWNA Vendor member because he believes in orgs that support Contractors & Vendors alike.

John Tornabene
Clean County Powerwashing
I thought that it was just hype until I used it for the first time.  I steamed cleaned a sidewalk and to just try the Grounds Keeper out I sprayed it on the sidewalk and went back over what I had already cleaned and it cut a like I had never cleaned it!  It's also safe it is gets on you unlike some other chemicals.

Scott Summerlin
Summco Complete Clean
I just wanted to say, you are an amazing dude. I truly believe you are one of the best examples of Costomer relation and just Costomer help that I have ever seen. You truly comment on so many peoples questions with true heart and passion and truth. You don’t make them feel belittled, you truly care to help us succeed out here in the field. Just wanted to tell ya that! Hope you’re having a great day brother.

Dalton Greven
Elevated Designs
Thanks Craig, your products and help have been extremely valuable to our business!

Roy Arismendez
All Things Services
Craig Harrison thank you for bringing your knowledge and products to to our industry. Without that this project wouldn’t have been possible.
God bless.🙏

Ryan Harrington
Paneless Home Services
Yes, this house needs more than just washing, but I love good-paying happy customers (and their referrals) so... Customer: “I have tried scrubbing and brushing with everything, even bleach.” Me: Casually walks to van and pours just 4oz of Efflo into 16oz of water in a spray bottle, sprays house, and waves “magic” wand. Customer: “OMG!! I can’t believe you were able to get that off. Wow!” While taking pictures and sending to them family. Moral of the story, get Craig Harrison’s cookbook or app, and go turn a good customer into a great referral

Jacob Bishop
Platinum Pressure Washing LLC
Craig Harrison has an amazing set of skills and stands behind them with confidence.

I showed up to a call today that was a hail mary for this contractor. They tried 4000 psi and got very little results. So i brought some Efflo and did a 1:1 in a small bottle for a test spot.

This came off like butter. I didnt even fire up the pressure washer during this test.

Lots of F9 Efflo is gonna be headed our way if this estimate is approved!

Joe Fannin
Fannin Professional Services & Window Cleaning
Craig Harrison is a stand up guy! I bought all his products and both versions of the cookbooks simply because of how much he responds and is willing to help the guys in this industry! Let’s face it, you can buy acids and other inferior products at big box stores but those stores are not going to help teach you how to use it properly like Dougie Do said. But Craig will! Let’s all support him.

Craig Dube
OUTDU Exterior Cleaning
Got Rust?

I was not paid to do this, I received nothing for this. I believe in helping people and I hope this helps you.

I was having a conversation with Scott Torcise yesterday and the discussion covered many topics, problems and people.

Scott and I discussed rust removal and rust removal products. We both know that we can purchase oxalic, or some Home Depot products that "might get it out" but neither of those solutions will tell us what to do or how to do it.

I have been asked to promote many products, soaps and other stuff over the years and have tested many products, soaps and other stuff. Some have been really good but I didn't promote them, even though they are products made by friends of mine, simply because they were not "extra special" and not something I was going to use myself. In our discussion about rust we talked about a very specific person, and if you have been in this industry for long enough you already know who that person is....

This man answers texts, emails, phone calls, smoke signals, telegraphs, Morse code or whatever means you contact him with and he has GREAT products to go with his awesome support. Below are two links for his app and one link for his book. These will answer a ton of questions for you and can greatly help you solve some interesting problems.

If you have a droid - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/front-9/id1470101136

Apple Device - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/front-9/id1470101136

Hand Held Book - https://store.front9restoration.com/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=F9CB-Lam

If you want to make money from rust removal or just have rust removal issues, then I encourage you to look at the above links and buy from the F9 product line.


I'm proud to help my friend Craig Harrison in the promotion of his products but not because he is a friend.... Because his products work and his support is stellar.

Doug Gore
Cajun Soft Wash

The Best Concrete Rust Remover Reviews.