I wish F9 came into my life sooner! We feel like magicians when we use it! I know how good all the products are but I still get blown away everytime! The step by step cookbook also lays out every possible stain with every possible surface to easily guide you through the process of the stain you're tackling. And Craig is so helpful and always makes himself available to answer any questions you may have.

Crystal Zumbado
A Better View Exterior Cleaning Specialists
I have been using F9 products for 2yrs now and always have at least one of each gallon on my trailer at all times. Awesome product with equally awesome customer service. Craig always has an answer to any power washing question.

Daniel Macias
Innovative Cleaning Services

F9 Barc in my opinion is the best rust stain remover on the market .

Mike Scarborough
Premier Softwash Solutions
F9 products have been a game changer for my biz. Clients are amazed at how we can eliminate rust stains and efflorescence buildup. Not only that, the F9 cookbook has been a huge resource in helping identify the proper chemicals for specific surfaces. Last but not least, Craig offers the best customer service around. He is always willing to answer questions and offer solutions. Thanks for a great customer experience.

Eddie Willis
20/20 SoftWash & Window Cleaning
Finding and using F9 products has been a game changer for our company. The quality of the products are amazing and the support is beyond any expectation I could have imagined. Craig has personally helped me on several jobs with advice, and the F9 cookbook is an invaluable tool in our arsenal. Double Eagle is by far my favorite product and has helped me on numerous occasions. We are proud to have partnered with Craig and F9 products!

Brad Letchworth
Surface Medic, LLC
F9 products consistently deliver the best results!

Marcos Medina
The F9 products are my go to for our cleaning jobs. I especially like the Barc rust remover and Efflo remover. These products make the job so much easier for us and the results are incredible.
Craig Harrison thanks for such an excellent product!

Darren Taylor
Super Soaked Pressure Wash and Soft Wash
We are Avid users of all 4 F9 products. They have helped us become known as the go-to experts in our field, in our Market. Could not have done it without Craig, and this line of chemicals

Troy Glandon
Signature Window Washing
F9 products are the best restoration chemicals on the market. Easier to work with and the finished results are phenomenal.

Chad Johnson
Surface Therapy
We have been using the F9 products since we started in business. They are great products and the customer service is 2nd to none Craig and his team are always available for a Question.

Jim Durda
South County Soft wash

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