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F9 stands for “Front 9 Restoration.” We have Four flagship restoration cleaners, F9 Double Eagle, F9 Efflo, F9 BARC, and F9 Groundskeeper. What we have done with these four restoration detergents is to quantify virtually all exterior non-organic contaminants into 3 categories. These 3 categories use similar processes at different dilutions to clean and restore and maintain almost every stain and surface you are working on.

3 Categories:

1. Double Eagle process
2. Efflo process
3. Barc process

3 Category Process:

1. The Double Eagle Process is for oils, soils, degreasing, tiremarks, food grease and neutralizing acidic products
2. The Efflo Process is for all types of mineral and hard water staining
3. The Barc process is for all types of rust and oxidation.

Then we have F9 Groundskeeper, our high-performance maintenance cleaner. This product will clean better than all high pH products and is to be used for industrial concrete with stains at or beneath the surface. It keeps concrete cleaner longer, makes concrete easier to clean on regular maintenance and will reduce cleaning times by 20-40%… saving time and money.  Your concrete will absolutely “POP!” when using F9 Groundskeeper!

The F9 Cookbook is our 100 page Restoration Manual. It covers almost every possible combination of inorganic staining situation on almost every possible surface. We have 9 chapters with 9 Flow Charts that help to diagnose stains, give you procedures, dilutions, application methods with notes, cautions, things to be aware of and other items to give you the absolute best possible results. This manual shows you over 140 ways to use our products in 1000’s of combinations!

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