The F9 Cookbook is the Bible of cleaning!

Cory Flannery
Caliber Pressure Washing
Love my F9 Cookbook! Couldn't live without it.

John Mickelson 
ClearView Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services-Texas
Seriously Guys.....You really need to order this book.....I bought 2......Jam packed with info!!!!!!!!!

Guy Blackmon 
Pressure Kleen Power Washing Service
I highly recommend the F9 Cookbook! Used it today on a job and it was step by step success that landed me a large project. I would have been lost without it and the training. Best business decision I’ve made to date.

Eldon Adamson Sr
Aqua Force Pressure Washing LLC
Yup it works that good! I have been doing some testing with double eagle and with groundskeeper. To date there are no complaints except that I may have to actually convince the customer that the locations are still dirty. Lol. One location you couldn’t tell if I washed that morning or two weeks prior which was the case. Unreal results guys.

Rob Huffman
C&S Property Services
Craig Harrison..... WOW!  Double eagle followed by GK

Lemme tell ya.... it aint HYPE

These 2 products used in conjunction are unlike anything made.  This has got to be the best combination cleaners for commercial maintenance work ever made.

Bro I was a lil sceptical due to how hard some people were pushin these 2 products.  Thought to myself.... " can it really be THAT different "?   YES YES YES YES YES YES! Like I said i was skeptical at 1st.   But i can see clearly now. The rain is gone.   U have created the most amazing, unique, efficient, safe, consistent, all around Bad Ass line of chemicals my friend.   And u have a customer FOR LIFE

Troy Glandon
Just starting out?

Been in business for years?

$199.00 for the F9 Cookbook will likely be one of the smallest investments you make in this business but has the potential to bring back $1000’s fold....and yes I mean $1000’s!

Awesome investment!

Dougie Do
Cajun Soft Wash
I'd recommend F9 - every day, of every week, of every month. Of every year.

Craig not only has landed us thousands of dollars worth of leads from his FREE to us marketing efforts - he is one of the single most helpful, hands-on, professional, chemical manufacturers I know. I've called him so many times on the job, texted him photos - I'd never consider using anything else for rust removal.

Craig - you are the man, my brotha.

Brandon Vaughn
All-Clean Softwash
I got a lot of great information.  The F9 products are easy to use.  Being new to the industry it is important that I get the right information.  Craig is on point with his knowledge and his products.

Thank you Craig!

Fred Carter
Carter's Precision Pressure Washing
We have 2 of the cookbooks.  It is a must if you use Craig's chemicals and are serious about your business.  I have not used the app, but the cookbooks are awesome!

Peter F Artusa

The Best Concrete Rust Remover Reviews.