Got the cook book last night and it is freaking amazing! Tons of info. I hope one day I can get to one of your seminars. Thanks again for the quick reply and will take a good before and after if of rust stain I’m removing. It’s on vinyl siding from an a/c drain. Thanks

Gotta give you props man. I never follow the whole new soap trends ever because they’re all the same, but your line up is hands down the best by far. I really appreciate you helping me get familiar with the products. Take care.

Jon Reese
We use the cook book regularly, must have, basic industry standard tool. Get it if you intend to be a leader in your area.

Brian Petts 
Home Team Power Clean
Efflo is killin it for my customers. Making really good impressions. 3rd large customer in a week.  I do a good portion of their drive thrus but I think I’ll be getting more of their work. Pardon my excitement, even over little jobs..lol. But it’s it’s exciting to expand my range of work for growing my business and have a product that works so well it makes you look like a freaking wizard.

Ryan Bellman
Got the Cookbook- Thank you! It’s legit. Very nice - High quality!

Chris Lambrinides
Window Cleaning Resource
The cookbook is legit and a must have for anyone cleaning concrete for a living.

Matt Horn
Craig Harrison dropping the knowledge!! His products n videos are the #1 reason I got into exterior cleaning!

Adam McGham
SERVPRO of Gaylord & Cheboygan
Hey man. I am starting to work on doing some videos. I really suck at it at the  moment.  But wanted to show you barc. I tried doing a video talking and recommending f9 and about you. Hopefully I can get one that will do the product justice.  F9 is some of the greatest stuff I’ve came across! Thanks again for not only inventing this but standing behind it with great customer service. Hope to see you soon at another event. And we need to shoot a little more pool, also. Lol. Have a great evening!!!

Tim Alexander 
T&D Power Washing, LLC
So I ordered 55 gallon drum of F9 to tackle this project. This was irrigation stains....This was imported from Jerusalem stone with Fossils in the stone....pretty awesome..but we brought it back to life thanks to your product!”

Jake Allen
Jake’s Under Pressure
F9 is groundbreaking. It’s $50 a gallon but what you can do with it is amazing.

Erin and Kevin Nichols

The Best Concrete Rust Remover Reviews.