I'm a new guy, I yet have to find my first paying customer at all. I'll be doing this on the side before jumping in. So I don't have your cookbook yet since I spent too much for my first setup etc but I bought BARC and Efflo just in case I get one job at some point. Now that being said, I see you being active in all the groups we share, helping out other contractors and educating them. Exactly this way of customer service has sold me to your business even without ever using any product from you yet. I'm not interested in Rust Remover+ or the other stuff, since I wouldn't be able to get that kind of help like from your company. I even feel so confident that I registered a specific rust removal domain for a niche I want to enter, only because of all that help you give and the results your products show.

So, in simple terms, thank you for all you do, I was able to learn quite a lot of that!

Was amazed today while working on a rust removal job getting big stain off concrete from rusty boat trailer

As I was applying f9 I thought “I bet this would work on the water scum on the boat!”  Sure enough

Came off like butter after spray, brush and rinse

No streaks

Looks brand new

And best part customer tipped me $175 for going the extra mile

Thanks Craig for such a awesome chemical

Darryl Moss
Rust has always given me troubles in the past, but thanks to f9 and Craig Harrison, I can finally say, “Not today, not today rust.

Bryan Gerhold
Clean Green Power Washing
Thank you for the great advice and the great product. You are a modern day wizard. Daniel Pawlak

Daniel Pawlak 
I have been in a situation that I’ve tried oxalic over the years with limited results. It wasn’t a part of the job, just something I played with. Then a couple years ago I had a qt spray bottle of f9 Barca from another job on the truck and figured I’d try it. It melted everything away in minutes. Something oxalic even as strong as 32oz per gal couldn’t clean up.

I’m all for going cheap when I can but sometimes you have to pay up and get what works best.

Scott Stiles 
I typically use aluminum brightener for rust removal.  I used f9 s couple months ago on a downtown job where there was a lot of foot traffic, and i didnt want to risk something happening and hurting someone with AB.  It worked great.  It is a really good product!

Jeremy Cassell
JSC Pressure Washing
We love working with the F9 products! It helps make us be more efficient, since these products work so well!!  Ashle Lawson

Ashle Lawson
Mr. Pressure Wash
Demo’s sell jobs.  We were called to bid this job of 50k sq/ft of community sidewalks. All the previous companies who cleaned these sidewalks were never able to remove or dissipate the heavy iron irrigation stains.

We did our front 9 demo where we pressure cleaned one bad section and BARC treated only one square(wanted it to be impactful). These stains are years old.

We not only got the sidewalks, we got all the curbs and the entire golf course cart path. A total of 5x what we were originally called for.

Craig you are a rockstar and your products are allowing us to show our value to our customers!

Steve Ferren
Clean Ways
I have been working with concrete now for about 4 years. I can’t tell you how valuable you and F9 have been for me and my business. I would like to take a week off and come and work with a company that  you would recommend to learn from. I have a lot to learn still and hopefully will always keep learning.

John Omalia
O'Malia's Hard Surface Restoration
Craig Harrison your F9 Groundskeeper product is top notch!! I can say I just ordered my first batch and I’m now on a huge hospital and it’s working out amazing. Thank you!

Jordan Porter

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