I have been using F9 as my only rust remover ever since it came out.  In fact I think I was one of the first to try it out. There is no better product for cleaning rust stains that I have found, especially Fertilizer Rust and Battery Acid stains, than BARC from Front 9 restoration. We also use it for irrigation rust stains, metal rust stains, and a host of other projects.  Now take that, along with the outstanding support you get from Craig, (and not just in rust removal, but any hard surface restoration jobs) as he helps you to grow your business, and the outstanding web placement you get through being an Authorized F9 applicator, there may not be a better investment for your existing or new business than getting set up with Craig.  I know last year we did over 15K in revenue directly through customers finding us on the F9 web site, this year we are at just over 5K and it's only April, and we have had a very harsh winter.

Fertilizer season (Spring) is here, homeowners are fertilizing their yards and they are going to forget about blowing off the granules.  Lazy lawn care employees will do the same.  Get positioned to grab that business.  You got to be found and Craig will get you found.

Doug Rucker
Clean and Green Solutions
7:1 with 3 minute dwell time.... just completely DELETING OIL at this shop!

Igor Zaric
Dirt Fighter
The quickness of breaking oil and grease down is insane.  Better than caustics and great final results is what I've found

Davon Carr
This is the BEST that stain has ever looked!

Jake Weldeman
Learned about the F9 products recently and ABSOLUTELY will forever have this in my arsenal for cleaning. Also ordered the F9 cookbook and I can’t put it down. The most helpful tool I have! F9 products for life 🤘🏽 also the people that work for f9 have been nothing but helpful and friendly. All around 12/10 company with great products. Would recommend to anyone!   Love the products and cookbook is super handy. I’m sure the App will be helpful as well.

You’ve also been accessible when I have had questions.  You are doing it right!  Keep up the good work.

Bart Archinal
Five Alarm Power Wash
I thought I came to F9 to learn about some kick-ass rust remover, but what I’ve gotten is a clinic on:

1. World class products with:

2. Truly game-changing support tools for the application of those game-changing products.

3. The best FB Group I could imagine. You promote and foster the most supportive ‘tone’ in a group that I’ve witnessed.

4. Ridiculously responsive, DIRECT customer-support in case #2 isn’t helping with #1...

I’m headed to PWNA in 2 weeks.  I’ll hope to see you there.  Respect.

Casey Giddens
Sierra Soft Wash
Hey guys. Just wanted to say a few quick words about Craig’s restoration class.

I attended his first ever hands on training in Palm Desert, Ca a few years back. This has been by far the best investment I have made in my business. In fact I believe I paid over $2,000 for that class and easily made that back the very first week after training. So for the same training to be only $349 is an unbelievable deal.

Since the class we have acid washed thousands of sq/ft of concrete. With all the knowledge learned from his class.

This really is a no-brainer if you want to get into the restoration side of the business. And If the dates work out. I will probably even just show up at the training just to say hi.

Chris Hartje 
I realized we utilize this group and the F9 products often, but do not post much. I have been making an effort to be more active on the page and I wanted to just take a minute to say thank you and show some of the results F9 has helped us to achieve.

Ironically all of the pics posted are from jobs where we were called after other companies could not achieve the desired results. The chick fil a has damage to the asphalt seal coat basically all around the edges of the concrete from a previously used product. The driveway and sidewalks you can see where even in the before pictures the grass is fried on the edges from someone attempting to remove the hard water stains with another product. The fence, the realtor was going to rip out and replace because he didn’t think we could clean it. I think it speaks for itself as to the value of these products and the folks who are always there to help when we all have questions. So many questions.

These products can really elevate your business to another level if you utilize the tools they have laid out for us.

I think it’s worth noting that I prefer this group not only because of my preference to the products but also because of the lack of drama and negativity that seems to happen a lot in these pages. Thanks to all those who make it so. Thank you Craig for the awesome products and customer service. Thank you to everyone who offers their own experience with all of our questions. I will make an effort to do the same because I truly appreciate those who do it for me. 🤙

Drew Dykes
Dykes Pressure Cleaning
Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know I am a firm believer in the groundkeeper. That stuff is awesome and works like a million dollars, worth every dime.

Shane Calvert
Shane Calvert Homes
There are so many cleaners offered by every supplier for every situation. Every vendor will offer something that they have mixed. Some of it will work well. My opinion is to become an expert with the F9 products. Learn the products and application methods, you will be stronger in the long run. We have a manufacturer Craig Harrison that is truly invested your success. Learn and you will be stronger in difficult situations. The knowledge that I have gained from Craig's classes is what separates me from other pressure washers.

Jeff Otto

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