Every time I reached out to Craig he always answers he is a great guy and a business person I wish the best

Mike Movilla
Craig was one of the 1st, if not, the 1st person to sit down with me and teach me when I was a puppy. He's ALWAYS there when you need him and his products are top notch. With me, it's ALWAYS the service that goes with the product more than the product itself.

Landon Sahagun
Patriot Pressure Clean
Craig and his products are great, I’ve called him, messaged him, and had him FaceTime me on a job so I could show him what I had and he could give me instant solutions.

Mike Riepen
MDTH Services
Craig Harrison, half of the rust was gone before I could get my phone out. Happy customers, 5 Star Reviews & checks that cash. Thanks for the great products and info in the cookbook.

Nicholas Yaws
Brilliant Exterior Services, LLC
Used the product for the first time on my own driveway this passed weekend. One side of the driveway was streaked with orange rust color stain from golf cart battery acid. The stain had only been present for about two weeks, Front9 Barc worked exactly as advertised. I first washed and brushed the cement, let it dry and applied a light coat of the product with a hand held sprayer and let it dry. This one application worked perfectly to remove all staining. With another washing of the driveway the job was done in about 1 1/2 hours time and once dry the concrete looked like new, so much so I did not want to drive on it. Thank you. It is a great feeling to use a product that lives up to its hype and gives excellent value. I will continue to use it and recommend its use. Gary Zellinger (GZ's Cleaning)

Gary Zellinger
F-9 made me $2200.00 6 hours of work!!! 1st step Double Eagle 2 passes, 2nd step Groundskeeper 1 pass, and 3rd step Barc 2 passes!! Your Stuff rocks!!!

Steve Pasley
Pasley Power Washing
F9 is by far the best product on the market for any type of concrete cleaning that you might need. It has really improved our business and the quality of service that we can deliver.

James Bailey
4 Springs Services
Craig Harrison is the best in the business in all categories; from knowledge, the way he relays it and his customer services.  Hundreds of guys/gals can vouch for that and definitely trust his process!! Cookbook is $!

Jeffrey Patrick
Just wanna reach out and let you know I am new to the industry and went back and forth of who's products to buy.  F9 Or Eaco Chem BUT YOU MAKE IT EASY TO GO WITH F9!!  Your hustle is amazing and always helping people out.  Hopefully I am able to wow you when I get some products to make it onto your facebook page!! Thanks for doing what you do bro!!

Billy Moe

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