We’ve used F9 Barc on numerous occasions and it’s always a life saver. The product is safe and effective. Worth every penny!


Derek Davis
Patriot Window Cleaning
F9 products have been a game changer for our business! These products allow you to clean almost any inorganic stain, safely and effectively. Craig Harrison’s knowledge and passion for his company are very apparent! We are thankful that he has shared his expertise and line of products with other companies around the world! Thanks again!
~ Xtreme Clean Softwash of Prior Lake, Minnesota


Jamie Boe
Name Jamie Boe Company Name Xtreme Clean Softwash
Love the f9 products they always perform well for us and the support from Craig is second to none he is always there to help us in getting the task at hand completed and finishing with fantastic results which leaves are customers very happy and sometimes in dis belief of the results we achieve where others fail.


Marc Moore
Power Clean
F9 "THE BEST" products on the market ! It saved the day many times for us and added extra revenue to our company. Our customers are ecstatic with the final results ! Add it to your arsenal, then thank Craig later.


Rob Scott
Mr. Window
We attended the F9 training event in Phoenix and learned how to properly use the products to remove stains that we were unable to remove with the other chemicals we were using. Craig has always been awesome assisting us with our questions. Great products!


Jeremiah Green
Green Pro Services
I met Craig last year at a conference in Orlando. I had heard of the F9 products, but had only tried Barc. After seeing everything that can be cleaned with only 4 products, I was sold. From removing tiger striping on gutters to restoring hard water stained windows to crystal clear.  Don't waste your money "experimenting" with other solutions. Craig wrote the cookbook for you. Just follow the recipes!


Tony Gibson
Pane and Pressure Cleaning LLC
Ordered F9 Barc earlier to mid last year. Got to use it on a clients home and their propane tank. The propane tank alone was so worth it to then they had started referring friends to us the very next day. It made this hideous thing look new again. I wish I could submit a picture of it to really show the drastic change it made.

Highly recommend F9 Barc. We are looking forward to trying out and adding more of their supplies to our arsenal.

Ryan Wakefield
Michigan Power Washing Pros
The F9 line of products, F9 cookbook and expert knowledge from the creator, Craig Harrison himself, has completely enhanced my business and allowed me to provide additional services with better results. Before, I was a one trick pony, disinfecting organic growth. Now, I have entered the endless realm of inorganic stains and consider myself an absolute addict. Thanks to the F9 team and their amazing products for being a major influence in growing my business!

Bryan Gerhold
South Austin Pressure Washing
Craig Harrison is the only chem company owner I have see that is willing to sit with an individual on the phone explaining the steps necessary to get the results they need.  Get the cookbook app first. It's cheaper and you can take it with you.  I would suggest the hardcopy after that.  It's water proof unlike most phones.  It's an investment and I would say one that is worth every penny

Daniel Sikes
Sikes Pressure Washing
Craig Harrison is always available and willing to share his information.  Free classes and advice when needed.  In order to use the F9 Products properly, save yourself money and time, plus get the best results possible is where the cookbook comes in need.  These products and my knowledge gained from the directions in the F9 cookbook has saved me a ton of money and aggravation plus landed me thousands of dollars of work.  No complaints here. Only sincere appreciation.

Stephen Golightly
Southern States Power Washing

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